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KaiJune update

Posted by Vampyvern - June 15th, 2021

Are You guys enjoying KaiJune so far- chiefly speaking my own creations for it? :)

If you are, here's a checklist:

  • Follow me if you haven't already!
  • Favorite a few of my arts
  • Rate me nice and high
  • Comment which ones are your favorites here on this journal! (I'd love to know which ones you like the best.)

It'll make me feel good.

Other than that, some stuff I'd like to announce:

I was THIS close (and by this close my thumb nail and index nail are exactly one millimeter apart from touching) to actually putting up the rest of my KaiJune via Patreon. I decided against it because I thought it was a bit sleazy to slam a paywall without warning in the middle of an original content-conveyor belt that has been, quite frankly, kind to me. (If I had announced it at the start of KaiJune, then I would have done it.)

Please don't let that muddle your affections for my art- Honestly, I'm just trying to do better for myself and I'm long overdue for said positive changes. I don't really have a good support system and don't get many 'pushes' from other people or have too many people looking out for me, I wish I did, but I have to work with what I got but I'm not afraid to speak up about it. It is both my passion and my business, and without that regulation, I can't expect to ever grow in anyway. Honestly, I feel like I put in TOO MUCH detail for this KaiJune thing, and I'm both okay and not okay with that, given the info I just gave you. So- next art prompt I do I think I'm going to use that method. It'll give me a chance to actually use Patreon and have content there like I want to. I'd still be doing free content, but then want to give myself the chance to be supported in more of the ways I feel like I & my talents deserve too.

The last thing I was going to mention was there will be no post for today - the 15th. I wasn't feeling anything that I was coming up with. Today's was 'FREE SPACE' anyway, so I may revisit it later or just change the number to the last day of June. So I actually haven't missed a day yet :)